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<b>About The Kickstarter Campaign (Feb 18 - Mar 26 2023)</b>

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Please use the Kickstarter QR code to the right to access my Kickstarter which is launching February 18, 2023! You will be able to pre-order a copy of the first edition of the Salt of the Earth book as well as other rewards including Collector's Edition Rewards which include a special edition of the book as well as prints of the Salt pond grids.

Recently, famed German publisher Kehrer Verlag offered to publish a book based on my “Salt of The Earth '' series, documenting the San Francisco Bay's salt ponds restoration project. My goal with this Kickstarter campaign is to help cover as much of the publication costs as possible. Your generous support will help bring this project to life and enable me to share this important story with a wider audience.

<b>About The “Salt of The Earth” Photo Book</b>

“Salt of the Earth” will be a 110-page hardcover photo book with over seventy of my color photographs documenting the restoration of the San Francisco Bay's salt ponds back to natural wetlands. From aerial shots taken in a helicopter to ground-level and underwater perspectives, these photographs tell a powerful story of nature's ability to regenerate and renew.
The images in the book offer unique perspectives, allowing me to reveal wound-like openings in the earth where signs of new life just beginning beneath the water. We are given a glimpse into alien saltscapes that are juxtaposed next to opulent, manufactured structures of social media company headquarters, which rise up on the horizon immediately adjacent to the restoration.

In addition to the images, the book will also feature essays by Laura Noble, a London-based art critic and writer, and John Hart, an award-winning environmental journalist.

The publication of "Salt of the Earth" will help raise awareness about the incredible transformation taking place in the San Francisco Bay.

Thank you for your support!
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